Case Studies

Case Study

The Customers Problem

Onehunga Transport Engineering operate a large manufacturing site. Iron spray from the welding units was settling on the vehicle fleet.  These fine iron deposits were eating into the paintwork. If left, they would cause irreversible damage to the vehicles paint and panels. OTEL wanted to protect their fleet and extend the lifespan of each vehicle and make maintenance easier.

The Proclean Solution

Our custom solution had three key elements – Decontaminate, Preserve, and Protect

1. Decontaminate

Multiple decontamination processes were used on the exterior to remove all the contaminants.

2. Preserve

Wash and dry the vehicles then multiple stage machine polish passes to get it in the panels and glass in the best possible condition.

3. Protect

Application of a quality ceramic coating to lock in the finish, protect the exterior of the vehicle from the iron contaminants and make the vehicles easier to maintain.

Customer Feedback

“Scott and the Proclean team offered great service and a quality finish when we recently asked them to clean, polish and clear coat our vehicles. We operate a manufacturing site which has some quite corrosive material which I had noticed was eating into the paintwork.  The team picked up the vehicles from site, paired back the damage to the good paint layer, polished and then finished with a hardened clear coat finish. The vehicles were dropped back which made the whole process seamless”

Kane Metcalfe – Managing Director – Onehunga Transport Engineering (OTEL)

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